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Back again with the third installment of The Aggregate: stories from around the web related to data that may be of interest to librarians, educators, information professionals and enthusiasts. I try to bring you stories about libraries, tools used in the broad field of data, and on happenings and attitudes in the world worthy of contemplation. If you have thoughts on the roundup – how to make it better, or what you like about it now – feel free to tweet me: @ad_astra11

Today lets start with “This Week in Data” from FiveThirtyEight.com. Their roundup is full of resourceful stories from around the web on how data is being used, or misused, in a variety of contexts and fields.

From The Data Lab: This Week in Data: Police Killings, Presidential Hopefuls, And Older Love Interests

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After you’re done with FiveThirtyEight, check out these great reads:

From Fullbright-National Geographic Scholar, Mimi Onuoha, a rumination on digital literacy, data, what it means to her, and what it might mean to us.

From the article: “So here’s what I learned from the convergence of these three events: more and more people are accessing the Internet and the web. In order to successfully participate in this emerging digital reality, it’s imperative that those internet users have the skill of digital literacy. If we don’t highlight the importance of knowing and understanding our devices and how they interact with our data, we’re in danger of creating and reproducing inequalities and privileging some people with greater access and abilities than others.”

Full story: It Matters Most To You: On Digital Literacy and Data Production

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From Digital Literacy, lets move onto Privacy.

This article from Future Tense, discusses the end of the Library Records Provision in the Patriot Act: Long Before Snowden, Librarians Were Anti-Surveillance Heroes

Next up:

Tim Cook: Silicon Valley’s Most Successful Companies Are Selling You Out

From the article: “Apple CEO Tim Cook has made no secret of his disdain for online services that ask you to trade highly personal data for convenience — a trade that describes most big advertising-supported technology companies. But last night, in some of his strongest comments to date, Cook said the erosion of privacy represents a threat to the American way of life.”

On the same note: Sharing Data, But Not Happily

From the article: “Now a study from the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Pennsylvania has come to a similar conclusion: Many Americans do not think the trade-off of their data for personalized services, giveaways or discounts is a fair deal either. The findings are likely to fuel the debate among tech executives and federal regulators over whether companies should give consumers more control over the information collected about them.”

(Be sure and check out the great sidebar graphic titled: Attitudes on Data Mining)

This Startup Aims To Scour the Dark Web For Data Breaches

From the article: “The delay between compromise and detection is a common problem for all companies. Eight out of 10 online breaches happen within a few hours or days, but defenders detect the attack in the same amount of time in only about a quarter of cases, according to annual Data Breach Investigations Report released by Verizon.”

** I’m filing this next one under privacy, but it could easily fit under another heading like “data management tools” or “social data.” I like to think the information presented in the following article is relevant to anyone teaching, or consulting on digital privacy, digital literacy, social media, marketing, and so on. **

Datasift Expands Its Reach With New Pulsar Deal To Make Facebook Topic Data Bigger

From the article: “Because Datasift is the exclusive provider of Facebook topic data, this new partnership with Pulsar means businesses can access Facebook topic data and conduct research through social media. What this means is that means that the realm of social data just got bigger. “

Data in the Workplace:

From CFO.com: Data-Driven Tools Not a Productivity Panacea

From the article: “Our research suggests that data is not a panacea for getting more out of employees,” co-author Claudine Gartenberg of NYU said in a news release. “Companies with a collaborative work culture may see significant decreases in productivity and performance if they try to use data to foster employee competition.”

Data Management Tools:

From the article: “Collaborating on data is burdensome and often results in increasingly unwieldy email chains loaded with multiple PowerPoint and Excel attachments. A startup called Chartcube wants to make sharing and editing charts as easy as texting.”


So You Want To Be A Data Visualization Librarian?

By Christina Czuhajewski via Hack Library School

Books To Read:

Job Openings:

GIS/Data Librarian (Librarian I or II) University of Toronto, Faculty of Information


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