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Welcome to round 4 of The Aggregate: stories from around the web that make data librarians stop and go: whoa! It’s been a hot minute since the last installment, so this go around we’re looking at a few stories from across the web posted in July 2015. As always, please feel free to share your thoughts with me on Twitter: @ad_astra11

Alright, here we go!

From ACRL Tech Connect: “What do academic libraries need to know about data? A lot, but in order to…” Read: Data, Data Everywhere . . . But Do We Want to Drink? by Yasmeen Shorish

From the North Carolina Library Association: Help! I’m An Accidental Government Information Librarian Presents . . . . Accessing Datasets For The Data Curious

From MPR: Coming Soon To Your St. Paul Public Library: Data Tracking

From the article: “”The reason we want to do this is so we can better get out information, communicate in different ways to different audiences depending on their interests and to affect our programming in a way that’s more responsive to people in the city,” Hadley said. The data mining application, called Analytics on Demand, will cost St. Paul about $20,000 a year. Gale, a company that specializes in library software, launched application a year ago.”

From LinkedIn (URL to the Data Librarians Group): Use Data Visualisations To Tell Stories And Gain Influence

From, The Record, local media in Ontario, Canada: Carnegie Library Pitched As Open Data Incubator in Waterloo

From the article: “Coun. Mark Whaley was part of the original concept team, and he has a grand vision beyond the Carnegie building. “If we can create a cluster of open data opportunities through several buildings in the core, we can actually create a data district,” Whaley said. He’d like to see the library be the starting point for something bigger, attracting other open data businesses and related organizations to the area around 40 Albert St.”

Data Literacy And Skills Development Vital To UK Economic Health – a trip down the rabbit hole will find you links to two, UK based, research reports on data literacy/training.

From outside of academia/libraries:

From Successful Workplace: Go Data Literate Or Go Home

Finally, I’m a big fan of the folks over at @FiveThirtyEight. Their series, “This Week in Data” does a great job of pulling together the best stories, data visualizations and more from around the web. Here are two posts I’ve pulled from them:

From EdBuild: An interactive map detailing the poverty rates in over 13,000 school districts across the U.S. – Dividing Lines: School District Borders In the United States

In July, the New York Times released a gorgeous interactive map on China’s global influence based on its shares of foreign investment since 2005. It is a reminder that the NYT does do some great things with data.

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