Privacy, Tweets and Real Estate Blight

Hello! In today with stories from across the web from November.  This post brings stories about data and privacy in libraries; collecting tweets to study social events; startups using data to create public awareness campaigns; and data management platforms.

Who Is In Control Of Your Libraries Data? 

This article is part of the Future Tense series – a collaboration between Arizona State University, New American and Slate.

From the article:

“The extent of libraries’ reliance on third-party services raises the question of survival. A library that is no longer in control of how its data is managed creates a false sense of safety for its patrons. A library that cannot preserve the integrity of data flows within and between its walls imperils the trust that patrons have for this long-standing institution.”

NCSU Libraries Use Tweets To Collect History

From Technician, the student newspaper of North Carolina State University.

NCSU Libraries have developed their own tool, Lentil, to collect tweets around certain movements and hashtags to collect primary sources to study communication around social movements, events and the student experience on campus. The program is part of the Digital Libraries Initiatives.

The Blight-Fighting Solution For Saving 40,000  Detroiters From Eviction

From Next City, news about startups using open data for the public good in blight-stricken Detroit.

From the article:

“In late 2013, Loveland and Data Driven Detroit (a local data services company), along with the help of $1.5 million from private donors and foundations, set out to survey all of Detroit’s 378,723 parcels across 139 square miles. Motor City Mapping was, as official materials explained, “a comprehensive effort to digitize Detroit’s property information and create clear communication channels back and forth between the public, the government and city service providers.”

Adobe Named A Leader In Data Management Platforms by Independent Research Firm

From Business Wire

Adobe Audience Manger, a data management platform that is part of the Adobe Marketing Cloud was recognized by Forrester Research, Inc. as receiving the highest score in a small, independent study that included 7 other companies, scored against 66 criteria points.

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