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What is databrarians.org?

This blog is a still-developing collaborative project to share tips, conversations, and strategies among data librarians and students looking to become data librarians. Our goal is to help each other more effectively bring data resources to our library communities.

Managing Editor

Emmelhainz_smallCelia Emmelhainz is the social sciences data librarian at the Colby College Libraries and founder of databrarians.org. With an MA in anthropology, sociology/Russian-focused BA, and MLIS, she focuses on developing resources for data librarians and the scholars they serve. She is particularly interested in qualitative data archiving, data literacy in the social sciences, understanding the role of race/class/gender in librarianship, and global perspectives on social science research and information science. Find her at @celiemme on twitter, or ask questions in the Facebook databrarians group.

If you’re interested in getting involved as an editor, please let us know! 

MLIS Intern

MTWMichael Wagner is an incoming MLIS student at the University of Washington. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from Christopher Newport University. His career in academic libraries during his undergraduate career. After spending most of undergrad working in a community college library – with a short public relations internship with a urban public library system – Michael left library land to enter the NASA Langley Aerospace Research Student Scholars program, where he contributed to NASA-funded educational outreach programs managed by the National Institute of Aerospace. After undergrad Michael would remain away from libraries, working in technical and public communication roles for various entities in the aerospace community. As a freelance writer, Michael has written for trade publications and non profit blogs, on topics including aerospace research, education, environmental conservation, LGBTQ topics and now, libraries. In 2014 Michael returned to the library world when he accepted a position at Lower Columbia College in Southwest Washington state. His interests in information are broad – at the moment he is focused on data literacy and open access. Follow him on Twitter: @ad_astra11


Join us! 

Because this is a collaborative blog, we’re always looking for your voice, questions, and experiences. Here are some ideas for ways to get involved:

  • Guest posts. Have something to say or want a link back to your blog? Consider writing a 400-1000 word guest post. Whether your audience is data-shy or advanced data geeks, we love a clear focus, engaging hook, attractive picture, and useful tips or walkthroughs for other data librarians. If you already blog, suggesting a repost can draw attention to your work as well as increase the diversity of voices represented here.
  • Reviews. Got a useful book, course, or resource to recommend? Write up a short review with pros, cons, and takeaways, and help others navigate this growing subfield of librarianship.
  • Learn to blog. If you have an idea for a topic related to data and libraries, we’ll help coach you through your first post.
  • Editor. If you love developing and editing content, consider helping us develop resources by subfield (RDM, data visualization, social sciences data, escience data etc.) or type of need (data librarians at research universities, public data librarians, liberal arts data librarians, data in community colleges)…
  • Comments. If you like what you read, please share, comment or tweet!
  • Let us link to you. Wrote a brilliant post, article, slideshare, or presentation? Let us know so that we can highlight it in our Aggregate posts!

One Comment

  1. Milo Schield said:

    Information Literacy, Data Literacy and Statistical Literacy
    These three are very closely linked! See http://www.statlit.org/pdf/2004-Schield-IASSIST.pdf
    Databrarians are strongly encouraged to
    * learn more about statistical literacy: http://www.StatLit.org
    * join the National Numeracy Network (NNN): http://www.nnn-us.org/
    * publish in NNN’s peer-reviewed journal: Numeracy: http://www.nnn-us.org/Numeracy-Journal
    * join IASSIST (International Assoc, for Social Science Information Services and Technology): http://iassistdata.org
    * attend IASSIST conferences: http://www.iassist2017.org/

    May 10, 2017

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