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You can study tutorials and read articles… until that isn’t enough. You’ll learn the most from joining the conversation. We encourage you to asking questions, share experiences, and give back to the growing networks of data-focused librarians on and offline.

1. The obvious. Write and comment at

We’d love to have you. Feel free to reach out to our editors Celia or Michael @celiemme or @ad_astra11 on twitter with your baby ideas, and we’ll help you develop a short tutorial, reflection, or blog post based on your experiences with data.

2. Join other data librarians on facebook and twitter

150 aspiring data librarians have a group on Facebook for your questions, ideas, and links to jobs. The ALA Think Tank facebook group is also great for general mayhem and fun, and there’s a small data librarians group on LinkedIn.

On twitter, @UWLibsData lists folks involved with data in libraries. Use #databrarian or #datalib to mark your posts, and follow #rdm, #data #librarian or search for “data librarian” to find like-minded souls.

3. Share readings and references on Mendeley

Kevin Read hosts a Mendeley group of people sharing and saving articles on research data management (RDM).

4. Listen in on a data librarian listserv

  • Laredas is a listserv for “librarians… supporting the use and management of research data” at small liberal arts colleges. Find it here.
  • Leveraging Data is a google group intended for data librarians working in federal or other government positions. Sign up here.

5. Quora and Reddit

Have a question or a link to share? Share it on the databrarian subreddit! Quora also has a post on how to become a data scientist. This is in-depth but you might find good questions and answers on data librarianship here as well.


  1. nina said:

    THANKS from south africa will be joining you on coursera

    December 10, 2014
  2. Makson de Jesus Reis said:

    Prezados sou do Brasil. Me chamo Makson quero fazer parte da rede de Bibliotecário de Dados..
    Tenho um blog brasileiro sobre o tema:

    March 14, 2017
    • Celia Emmelhainz said:

      Dear Makson, Thanks for commenting! I don’t yet see your blog online but look forward to seeing it soon. The best way to connect is probably with #datalibs on Twitter, or at Best — Celia

      March 14, 2017

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