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First off, check out our blogroll or the conversation page to connect with other data librarians. Then, if you’ve like to learn from online tutorials or webinars, check out the resources below. And let us know if you have other great resources to recommend!

Getting Your Feet Wet: Free Courses

Data Librarian Webinars

Below are a sampling of archived recordings or slides from past webinars; let us know if you have others to recommend!

2016: The Data Lifecycle and the Landscape of Library-Led Services, by Jennifer Doty, Christopher Eaker, Jackie Wirz, Robin Champieux. Fee-based.

2016: …Building a Sustainable RDM Services Program, looks at what it takes to start up and sustain RDM. Fee-based.

2015: The Accidental Data Scientist considers new roles for librarians in data. Screencast video.

2014: Rise of the Databarian, is a good discussion of new data roles; see also their list of resources from the slides. Webinar, slides

2014: Creative Data Services, by Mike Mertens, Kimberly Silk, Joel Herndon. Link.

2014: ICPSR Data Fair has dozens of presentations about this social science data archive, data re-use, public access, teaching with data, and data archiving. Youtube playlist.

2014: Data and Resources for Librarians looks at the UK Data Archive’s British collections as well as public resources. Recording.

2014: Text/Data Mining: Supporting Researcher Needs webinar from CRL: link to Youtube, slides.

2014: The Challenge of Big Data presentation, by Matthew Connelly at CRL forum for librarians, available on Youtube.

2014: Mining Big Economic Data webinar, by Robin Bew of the Economist Intelligence Unit. Slides and video hosted by CRL at link.

2014: Hear it from the Experts: Sensitive Data Can be Published webinar by the Australian National Data Service (ANDS), on Youtube.

2013: Text/Data Mining, Libraries, and Online Publishers webinar, focused on tools and content mining limitations, slides/video at CRL.

Conferences for Data Librarians:

IASSIST will meet in Norway in May-June 2016 on opportunities and challenges for data in the social sciences.

RDAP (Research Data Access & Preservation) Summit will meet May 4-7, 2016 in Atlanta, Georgia. The conference is focused on research data management and has great networking opportunities. Shared notes are online from 2015.

Have a link to recommend? Leave it in the comments below! 

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